KRISTOFFER(7) Linux User's Manual KRISTOFFER(7)


Kristoffer Rødsdalen Hagen - web developer and IT ninja


kristoffer [--admin systems|networks] [--developer] [--other]


I’m an Engineering - Computer Science student at Gjøvik University College in Oppland, Norway.

I was previously working at the IT department at Hedmark County as part of my Computer Electronics education, where I recieved a craft certificate. After the 1,5 year period I was hired to work on digitalising the employee access management system. This included creating a web-based application (written in php using the Symfony framework) and assisting in creating "connectors" for Microsoft FIM to other systems (written in C#).


--admin systems

Comfortable working with both Linux and Microsoft based server environments.

Linux Certifications
CompTIA Linux+
Novell Certified Linux Administrator (Novell CLA)

Attended Microsoft Course 6425C.

--admin networks

Comfortable working with Cisco and iptables-based firewalls and switches from Cisco, Dell and HP.


Experienced in the php programming language and the Symfony Framework.

Currently a Zend Certified Engineer (PHP 5.3).


Currently ITIL v3 Foundation certified.


Hedmark County
Phone and email support
Programming (Inventory system, Access Management system, and more..)


* E-mail: kristoffer.r.hagen at gmail dot com

Kristoffer Rødsdalen Hagen            2013-10-16                             KRISTOFFER(7)